How To Make New Driving License

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How To Make New Driving License

How To Make New Driving License 1988 Motor Vehicle Act makes it mandatory for anyone who wants to drive in India to produce a valid driving license. Before you can get a driving license, you must first get a learner’s license.

So you have to apply for a learner’s license before getting a full driving license. Online application for Learning license in Gujarat can be done. It is very easy to apply online and it is suitable for all age groups.

Driving License : Apply Driving License Online | New Driving License | Online Form for Driving License-Gharebetha Online | How to Apply for Learning License |  The new driving license rule will be applicable across the country

About Driving License | How To Make New Driving License

Having a driving license is important if you own a vehicle and want to drive it on public roads in India. In the past, many people had to rely on brokers or agents to obtain a driver’s license, but this can be expensive as these individuals often charge high fees for their services. However, if you have all the required documents, you  can apply for a driving license online yourself  and avoid paying extra money to brokers.

By doing so, you can save money and  get your driver’s license  at a government-regulated price. It’s worth noting that the process of applying for a driving license online may vary from place to place, but it’s usually a simple process as long as you have all the necessary documents.

Tabel of Get new driving license (Driving License).

Article How to make driving license
Department Ministry of Off Road Transport and Highways
purpose Grant the driving license to the eligible person
Type of application Online/Offline
current year 2023
Official website

Types of Driving License in Gujarat | Types of Driving License in Gujarat

Like every other state in India, in Gujarat, you need to apply for the category of driving license according to the vehicle you intend to drive. There are three categories below to choose from

Driving license for two-wheeler without gear

If you want to drive a motorcycle or scooter that does not have manual operation of the gear, you need to apply for this type of DL.

Driving license for light motor vehicles

This is the category of driving license that you should apply for if you plan to drive a two-wheeler with gears or a light motor vehicle like a car, SUV or MPV.

Driving license issued for transport vehicles

If you want to drive heavy motor vehicles transporting goods or passengers, you need to get this type of DL.
Process after successful completion of Learners Licence application form.

New Rules for RTO  Training Centres

Government of India has implemented some additional rules for training centers as part of new driving license rules. These rules include:

  • A training center must have a minimum of 1 acre of land for two-wheeler training and 2 acres of land for four-wheeler training.
  • The trainer must have a minimum classification of high school diploma and 5 years driving experience in driving school and education.
  • The trainer should have passed the educational qualification of High Quality Driving Track Test in Transport Authority Course by Transport Authority of India.
  • Driving time for loaded vehicles training shall be minimum 38 hours and training should be completed within 6 weeks.
  • Theory class on vehicles should be of 8 hours and practical of 31 hours.
  • For small vehicles, the training will be 29 hours and should be completed in 4 weeks.
  • Theory time for two-wheeler will be 8 hours and practical time will be 21 hours.
  • The training center should be equipped with information technology and other means of training to provide appropriate information to all the applicants.

It is important to note that specific rules and regulations for training centers may vary based on region and location specific regulations. It is always best to check with the local RTO office for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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Efficiency of new driving license rules

The functionality of the new driving license rules in India is that individuals seeking a driving license must first register with a private driving institute. They will be required to pass a driving test conducted by a private instructor at the institute.

Once the test is passed, the applicant will be issued a certificate. This certificate can then be used to apply for a driving license at the RTO office.

The RTO will issue the driving license based on the certificate issued by the private training center, and no further test will be required. The purpose of this change in the process is to encourage private institutes providing driving education.

Benefits of New Driving License Rules

The new driving license rules in India offer several benefits, one of the main ones being the recognition and promotion of the private sector in the field of driving education. Earlier, private institutions were not recognized by the government and certificates issued by them were not considered valid.

With the implementation of these new rules, the RTO officials will be able to eliminate the need for the test taking process, which was required earlier. As a result, individuals will be able to obtain their driving license based on the certificate issued by their private instructors. This change will simplify the process of obtaining a driving license and make it more accessible to people.

Upload documents

  • Upload photo and signature
  • LL. Test Slot Booking.(For Computer Exam)
  • Payment of Fees

 Types of driving license and criteria for the same

There are several types of driving licenses issued by government agencies in different countries. Criteria for obtaining a driving license vary by country and type of license. In general, however, there are several general requirements that must be met before a person can obtain a driver’s license. This includes:

  • Age:  In most countries, a person must be at least 16 years old to obtain a driving license. Some countries may have a higher minimum age for certain types of vehicles, such as motorcycles or buses.
  • Knowledge Test:  One must pass a knowledge test covering traffic laws, road signs and safe driving practices.
  • Vision Test:  A person must pass a vision test to ensure that they can see well enough to drive a vehicle safely.
  • Driving Skills Test:  An individual must demonstrate their driving skills by completing a driving test, which may include driving on a variety of roads and in various traffic conditions.

Criteria for obtaining a driving license

  • of a person to obtain a learning license for a motor vehicle not exceeding 50cc engine capacity
  • Must be above 16 years of age and have parental consent.
  • A person should be above 18 years of age to get a learning license for a light vehicle.
  • Must be above 20 years of age to get driving license for commercial vehicle.
  • A person applying for a learner’s license must know all the traffic rules.
  • How to apply for driving license?

What to do after the license?

  1. You can take the driving test one month after you get the learning license. (Driving Skill Test). Learning license is valid for 6 months,  you can take driving test anytime within 6 months and after one month. And if the learning license expires, you have to go through all the processes again and pay the fee again.
  2. One month after getting the learning license, you have to make an appointment to take the driving test.
  3. And on the same day as your appointment date, you have to go to the RTO for the driving test and take all the necessary documents along with your learning license. There you have to submit all the documents to the RTO and then after verification they will send you to the driving track for the test. And then you have to pass the driving test as per the rules.
  4. If you pass the driving test then the matured driving license will reach your address within 1 month.
  5. If you fail the driving test, you have to take the test again by making an appointment.
  6. To retake the test you have to pay Rs. 300 will have to be filled online.

List of documents required for Leaning License

  • Aadhaar Card, Electoral Card, LC, Light Bill, LIC Policy, Birth Certificate for proof of age and address
  • etc.
  • Application form
  • Passport size photograph
  • Signature photo

Required Documents For Driving License Online

The documents required for a driving license may vary depending on the location, type of vehicle and other factors. However, generally, the following documents are required while applying for a driving license:

  • Proof of Identity:  This can include Passport, Voter’s ID Card, PAN Card or any other identity document issued by the Government.
  • Proof of age:  This can include a birth certificate, school leaving certificate or any other government-issued document that shows your date of birth.
  • Proof of address:  This can include a utility bill, bank statement or any other government-issued document that shows your current address.
  • Medical certificate:  Depending on the type of vehicle you wish to drive, you may be required to provide a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner showing that you are physically fit to drive.
  • Learner’s Licence:  If you are applying for a driving license for the first time, you must provide a valid learner’s license.
  • Passport-size photographs:  You will usually need to submit a few passport-size photographs with your driver’s license application.

In addition to the above documents, you may also be required to provide additional documents depending on your specific circumstances  It is a good idea to check with the concerned RTO or transport department of your area for the complete list of documents required for driving license (Required Documents For Driving License Online) .

ગુજરાતી માં જાણવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Things to keep in mind for driving test

  1. It is mandatory to have a number plate with HSRP. Without it, permission to give the test will not be given.
  2. If you don’t have number plate with HSRP then you can apply like this
  3. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. You have to carry helmet with you
  4. The vehicle in which you are going to take the test must have mirrors on both sides.
  5. The indicator must be on in the vehicle.

Gujarat Learning License Online Form

  • First   visit the official website
  •  Select the ‘Driver/Learners License’ option from the homepage  .
  • Then select the state of Gujarat in the new page.
  • After selecting the state, a new page opens, in the first option, select the option of ‘ Apply For Learner License ‘ and click on Continue in the second page.
  • In the new page select your category and district and click on ‘ Submit ‘ button.
  • Then enter your mobile number and click on ‘ Authenicate With Sarathi ‘ by entering OTP.
  • Now   fill all the required information accurately in the form that opens in the next page and click on the submit button.
  • Then select the type of license and pay the fee online.
  • Finally upload all the required documents and click on ‘ Submit ‘ button.

Important Link

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FAQ’s of How To Make New Driving License

Which documents required for driving licence in Gujarat?

(Proof of Age) ;School Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate, Passport, Pan Card  (Proof of Address) School Leaving Certificate, Passport, L.I.C. Policy, Electoral Voter I-Card, Light Bill

How can I get new driving Licence in India?

 visit the official website and Select the 'Driver/Learners License' Option for get new driving Licence in India.


Through this article, we have provided you with all the important information related to getting a new driving license . If you are still facing any kind of problem then you comment in the comment box, contact us we will solve your problem.

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