Whatsapp Tricks: Even if you read Whatsapp messages, the other person will not know; Follow this trick

Whatsapp Tricks: Almost everyone has a smartphone. And people any other app. To use or not to use an instant messaging app. Whatsapp is used by everyone. Many times in Whatsapp we do not open the chat and read the message because we do not have time to reply to someone. Today you are going to tell about a trick in which someone’s message will come in your Whatsapp and even if you read it, it will show it as unread, i.e. the blue tick will not show it.

Whatsapp Blue Tick

Whatsapp app. There is such a feature that someone sends us a message and when that message reaches us, it shows a tick twice. This tick shows blue color when we read this message. After we read someone’s message, that person expects a reply from you. But as we don’t have time we can’t reply that message immediately.

Whatsapp Tricks Message Read Trick

There are many tricks to read the message without showing the blue tick to the other person. But only a few of them are successful tricks. Today we will see some of these tricks.

The most successful trick among message reading tricks is notification, as soon as a WhatsApp message arrives on your smartphone, the above notification also arrives on your phone. However, what is its function, we also tell you this. In fact, in the WhatsApp message notification itself, you can read that message. If you do this, the other person will not know that you have read the WhatsApp message. And don’t even show him a blue tick.

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Internet on off

Another way is that if you get a message from someone in it, turn off your phone’s net. Then read that message. Even then, it will not show a blue tick that means the message has been read.

Whatsapp Settings

One way is to turn off the Blue Tick option from within the settings of Whatsapp itself. However, in this way, as you will not show your blue tick to others, if the person in front of you reads your message, you will also not show the blue tick. To do this setting, follow the steps below.

  • First of all open your Whatsapp.
  • Open the settings in it.
  • Then select Privacy option.
  • Turn off the Read Receipts option in it.

In this way, you can read someone’s message on WhatsApp and reply accordingly. WhatsApp comes with many settings but we are not aware of them. WhatsApp is such an app. which does not compromise on privacy at all. That is why WhatsApp messages are end to end encrypted.

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What setting to hide blue tick in whatsapp?

Privacy setting in Whatsapp settings

What is Whatsapp Notification Trick?

You can read the message in the WhatsApp message notification. By reading the message in this way, the other party will not know that you have read the message.

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